Welcome to Sport’s Governing Bodies.

Sports governing bodies are the administrative bodies that manage the relevant sports both professional and amateur for the state, nation or the world on a whole. Each of these governing bodies has multiple roles, from setting the sports laws and rules, to enforcing fair play, conducting anti doping tests, promoting the game, advertising the players and the game, building relationships with other nations, developing new talent, protecting the players safety and providing facilities for the sports to be played at among other things.

What we aim to be is a one stop shop to find out who, where and what are the governing bodies around the world and also a reference point for those who wish to have a career in sports administion.

How do you start a career in Sports administration?

This is a question that I get asked a lot, and there are many different roads that one can take, but first and foremost you must have a passion for sport and then for that particular sport you wish to work for. Many people I have worked with have over time moved from one sporting organisation to another. The skills to be a sports administrator within governing bodies are more transferable than those of the athletes themselves.


We are in the early stages of building this site and have a lot of governing bodies to detail, so if you are

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